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An idea about Kitchen Design in a nutshell

Kitchen is one of the most important part of a house, if neglected than its leads to many problems so a practical kitchen does matter alot as its gives so much convenience to the house lady also minimize her time spending in kitchen.

Lighting in Kitchen should be perfect as/standard norms, a well-lit kitchen helps in maintaining hygiene while cutting / chopping of vegetables or preparation of food which leads to the good health of the members of the family

To make the washing area separate from the cooking area consisting of food preparation, vegetable chopping etc.

Orientation of the cooking area also matters alot for the well being of woman who does the cooking, as per Vastu person should face east while cooking.

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Modular Kitchen

Start with Kitchen Layout

For a standard Straight Kitchen

This layout fit into the space where area is limited for the Kitchen.

  • Width of Kitchen Counter is always Minimum 24" wide.
  • Height of Kitchen Counter ranges between 32” - 33”

For a standard L-Shape Kitchen

This layout is the most popular layout in todays modern world, require a bit extra space for kitchen counter to separate out the washing area from the cooking area.

  • In all kitchen types provision of below counter storage is given.
  • There is also provision for overhead storage planned.

For a C-Shape Kitchen Layout

This layout fit into the space where more width available compared to length.

  • Leave some space for Microwave Oven below overhead storage
  • There is also some overhead storage planned to display crockery with Lift-up glass shutters.

For a U-Shape Kitchen Layout

This layout fit into the space where more length available compared to width.

  • Above the Kitchen Sink area, Provision for GTPT with Drip tray can be given.
  • Not to forget the Concealed Linear lighting profiles underneath the overhead storage and skirting.

Storage Accessories

Wired Baskets made in SS-304 Grade

There are various types of baskets used in kitchen for variety of purpose like Grain Trolley, Large Vessel Baskets, Cup and Saucer Basket, Cutlery Basket, Plate / Thali Basket, Bottle Pull-outs, Corner Carrousel, Multi-Purpose Baskets, Large Pull-outs for keeping Grocery stock

Hanging Basket Accosseries

Wired Baskets made in SS-304 Grade

There is a space between Countertop and above counter storage is called the backsplash area, is used for hanging stuff like Pickels & Spices, Tea & Sugar Containers which are handy while preparing the Food & Tea.

Design is not just what is look like, Design is how it's work.

Make it more awesome

One can choose the Modular Hydrulic Bed which provide the access to bed storage with ease of use.

Being a modular furniture manufacturer, we have realised that, this form of furniture having a mass appeal and synergy. Daksh Interiors is having a top quality production facility and expertise in this domain.


Article By Pankaj Chawla

He is an Architect by profession and having a taste in luxurious & more practical form of interior, thats why working since long into this field as an Interior Architect.